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You may have seen Royal Arch Companions wearing their splendid regalia, which just like the Craft includes an apron similar in many respects to the ones we wear as Master Masons. The same plain white background, a triangular flap, and two tassels but displaying the gold emblem of the order and a scarlet and blue tessellated border.

You may also recognise that tessellated border from your Craft meetings, as it surrounds the carpet in most Lodge rooms, one of many pointers to the inseparable relationship between The Craft and Royal Arch Masonry.

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As well as the apron, we wear a sash from left shoulder to right hip, the significance of which is explained in one of the Royal Arch lectures.


... and a breast jewel, in one of three designs depending on your progress in the Order.

The Royal Arch breast jewel is the only jewel from any other Order, approved by U.G.L.E. for wearing in a Craft Lodge. You will see Companions wearing them proudly to indicate they have taken their fourth regular step in Freemasonry.

The Royal Arch is available to all Master Masons, thirty days after completing their Third Degree.


If you would like to know more, please ask the Royal Arch Representative in your Lodge or click one of the buttons for more information

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