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Meet our Membership Officer


Hi I'm John Fennell and I applied to join Freemasonry through the internet which you might be thinking of doing yourself. It turns out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made and now I help others to do the same. 

There are many reasons why people join Freemasonry some like the history, others the camaraderie, the personal development to the social interaction – each member holds a different favourite thing about Freemasonry – all based upon the four fundamental aspects: Friendship, Integrity, Respect & Charity.

Whilst our activity offers no financial gain or business benefit – the personal advantages and opportunities are vast. There is a phrase within freemasonry; “Making good men better” which accurately describes the underlying purpose of our organisation. Giving good men the opportunity to make themselves better, in turn benefiting society through our charitable work and time.

Membership of Freemasonry extends past the formal traditions of Lodge Meetings - seeing members join together for social, fundraising, family events and work in the community, if they so desire. All of this, within an atmosphere and community of like-minded people, with good character and intentions.

Becoming a member is a simple, yet extended process. Knowing another freemason is the traditional route – but many, not knowing anybody within freemasonry, use the internet to make an initial enquiry and find out more.


The first step is a phone call with one of our membership team – who will ask some background information and provide more context to our meetings and their purpose.


From here, introductions are made to local hall membership contacts, who in turn and after further enquiry, pass contacts along to specific lodges within each hall, that suit the interests, background and character of the new enquirer.

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