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In Memoriam



We approach this solemn occasion in a spirit of reverence and solemnity, our hearts heavy with the awareness that never again in this mortal life shall we experience the warm spirit of friendship and brotherhood that these, our deceased Brethren, extended to us, but secure in the knowledge that they live eternally in the Grand Lodge above. Please note the dates in some instances are the date they were reported to the province, any amendments please contact the webmaster and we will gladly rectify.

David Noel Charlton St Edburgha C4621 (24th June 2024)

Brian Mather, Lodge of St George L5691 and Worcestershire Installed Masters L6889 (20th June 2024)

Jonathan Frank Swift, Chaddesley Corbett L8942, Worcestershire Installed Masters L6889 (16th June 2024)

Joseph Simpson Muir, Thistle Lodge L5064 (14th June 2024)

Brian Cunningham, Edward Frederick Hanson L9463 and Sabrina L6595  (13th June 2024)

Paul Isherwood, Old Carolian L7599 (09th June 2024)

Michael James Lewis, Hope and Charity L377 (02nd June 2024)

Keith Hughes, Bordesley Abbey L4495  (01 June 2024)

John Lionel Vickers, Teme Lodge L8491, Worcestershire Installed Masters 6889, Custos 9320

and Edward Frederick Hanson L9463 (28th May 2024)

Derek Edgar Hopper, Arter L2654, Prov Grand Stewards L9142, Vernon L560 (19 May 2024)

Edwin Purnell, The Yardley Lodge of Friendship L6324 (3rd May 2024)

Brian Forsyth Egerton, Lodge of St George L5691 (30th April 2024)

Gavin Philip Alfred Morrice, Worcestershire Installed Masters' L6889,

Red Rose of North Worcestershire L8180  (22nd April 2024)
Philip Edward Read Elgar, L9254 (13th April 2024)

John Barrie Edwards, Chaddesley Corbett L8942, Old Edwardian 6141  (11th April 2024)
David John Smart, Chaddesley Corbett L8942  (09th April 2024)

John Michael Welch, St George L5691, Worcestershire Installed Masters L6889, Elmley Castle L6247 (01st April 2024)
Victor William Southan, Frankley Beeches L5846, Sebright Lodge of Old Wolvernians L8007  (01st March 2024)
David Ernest Timms, Lodge of Fellowship L6707  (13th February 2024)
William Ernest Simpson, Lodge of Hospitality L8325  (12th February 2024)
Walter John Davis, Dormer L7294 (03rd February 2024)
Frederick William Moloney, Dofra L5775 (18th January 2024)
Michael John Bartels, Vernon L560 (12th January 2024)
Adrian Harris, Worcestershire Provincial Grand Stewards' L9142, Francis Burgess L9287 (12th January 2024)
John Ernest William Cairns, Wyre Forest L8653 (03rd January 2024)
Peter Trevor Griffiths, Aedificandum L9937 (28th December 2023)
Ronald Harvey, Lodge of Bon Accord L4935 (21st December 2023)
Neville Moores, Andrews Elmley Castle L6247 (09th December 2023)
Peter John James, Malvern Hills L6896 (16th November 2023)
Ronald Wilkinson, Weatheroak L7214 (13thNovember 2023)
John Adrian Cox, Worcestershire Installed Masters' L6889, Lodge of Sustainment L3873  (12th November 2023)
Jack Colin Jones, Mitton L6904  (11th November 2023)
Thomas Philip Jones, Worcester L280 (11th November 2023)
Antony Campbell, Watt Severn L5583 (04th November 2023)
William Arthur Hipkiss, Severn L5583, St Johns L6414 (02nd November 2023)
Victor Henry Jobe, Lodge of St George L5691 (26th October 2023)
Philip Hull, Red Rose of North Worcestershire L8180, Lodge of Restoration L9935,

Worcestershire Installed Masters' L6889 (23rd October 2023)
Barrie Michael Cooper, Lechmere Volunteer L1874, St Mary's L3879, Worcestershire Installed Masters' L6889,

Custos L9320, Lodge of Bon Accord L4935, Dormer L7294, Coston and Franchelie L5600,

Thistle L5064, St Johns L6414, Wythall L5665, Vernon L560 (04th October 2023)
James Alfred Cooper, Lodge of Hospitality L8325 (04th October 2023)
Allan Jinks, Brandwood L7679 (04th October 2023)
Ian Stalker, Robin Hood L5877 (03rd October 2023)
John Edward Marsh, Morgan L98160 (28th September 2023)
John Frederick Painter, Red Rose of North Worcestershire L8180 (27th September 2023)
William John Oliver Shenstone L7037 (14th September 2023)
John Alfred Porter, White Ensign L9169, Masefield L2034 (06th September 2023)
William Howarth, Campbell L3643 (03rd September 2023)
Frederick Vivian Coke, White Ensign L9169 (30th August 2023)
Paul McNeill, Moseley L5224, Worcestershire Installed Masters' L6889 (03rd August 2023)
Roger Murray Major Boss, Bordesley Abbey L4495 (26th July 2023)
Norman John Robins, Northfield L5056 (25th July 2023)
Bruce Baker, Lodge of St Thomas L7940, Page L3378 (06th July 2023)
William Alec Brown Sherlock, Worcestershire Installed Masters' L6889, Masefield L2034 (06th July 2023)
Clive Patrick Hughes, Malvern Hills L6896 (04th July 2023)
Colin Joseph Sykes, Dormer L7294 (21th June 2023)
David Paul Holliday, Royal Standard L498 (12th May 2023)
Michael Peter George, Southerton Old Carolian L7599 (11th May 2023)
Harry John White, Old Dudleian L6734, Worcestershire Installed Masters' L6889, Old Carolian L7599,

Thistle L5064 (04th May 2023)
Kim John Foxall, Old Halesonian L7104 (29th April 2023)

Malcolm Charles Douglas, Lodge of St. Oswald 5094 (17th April 2023)

Roy Arthur Tabony, Lodge of Bon Accord 4935 (16th April 2023)

Douglas Henry Gordon Kitching, Old Halesonian L7104 (12th April 2023)

Andrew Boardman, Northfield Lodge 5066 (11th April 2023)
John Roger Reilly, Lodge of Hospitality L8325 (09th April 2023)
Martin Andrew Cartlidge, Halas Abbey L5407 (01st April 2023)

Dennis Edward Clarke, Pathfinder Lodge 8506 (10th March 2023)

Kenneth Prosser, Severn Lodge 6889 (9th March 2023)

John Edwin, Moseley Lodge 5224 (18th January 2023)

Francis Jephcott, Lodge of the Round Table 7961 (12th January 2023)

Howard Henry Hodgkisson, St Edburgha 4621 (11th Jan 2023)

Richard Fredrick Underwood, Worcester 280 (20th December 2022)

Brian Stanley Blumfield, Old Carolian 7599 (13th December 2022)

Robert John Thomas, Lodge of St Michael 1097 (12th December 2022)

James Harry Clay, Old Halesonian 7104 (28th December 2022) 

Trevor James Wareham, Lodge of Endeavour 6267 (27th November 2022)

Arthur John Phillips, Lodge of Restoration 9935 (16th November 2022)

Roger Graham Austin, Lodge of St. Michael 1097 (8th November 2022)

Briars Anthony Clarke, Lodge of the Round Table (22nd October 2022)

John Laurence Talbot (8th October 2022)

Paddy Firminger, Old Bromsgrovian 5743 (7th October 2022)

Walter James Broadfield, Fellowship Lodge 6707 (30th September 2020)

Richard Henry Bache (3rd September 2022)

Keith Barrington Bennett, St Edburgha Lodge, 4621 (4th Sept 2022)

John Beal Pritchett, Old Bromsgrovian, 5743 (19th August 2022)

David Mitchell Hill, Justice and Equity, (15th August 2022)

Howell Stuart Reid, Lodge of Fellowship, 6707 (11th August 2022)

Frank Sadio, Campbell L3643 (08th August 2022)

David Sinclair Gordon, Thistle, 5064 (13th July 2022)

Brain Amos, Wenlegh Abbey, 6356 (11th July 2022)

Michael John Davies, St Kenhelm, 6082 (23rd July 2022)

David Sinclair Gordon, Thistle, 5064 (13th July 2022)

Eric Clowsley, Godson, 2385 (2nd June 2022)

Michael Thomas Southall, Coston and Franchelie, 5600 (13th June 2022)

Teddy Smith, Minster, 5581 (30th June 2022)

James Patrick Laurence Evans, Francis Burgess, 9287 (17th June 2022)

Roderick Taylor, Remembrance, 8323 (30th June 2022)

Seton Grant, Thistle, 5064 (1st June 2022)

Hugh Jones Davies, Lodge of Bon Accord, 4935 (20th May 2022)

David Maycroft, Lodge of Credence, 7155 (3rd May 2022)

Richard Price, Masefield, 2034 (4th May 2022)

Graham Rowley, Lodge of Stability, 564 (19th May 2022)

Leslie John Widdus, Avon, 3569 (29th April 2022)

Djordje Novakovic, Robin Hood, 5877 (22nd April 2022)

John Denton, Royal Standard, 498 (4th April 2022)

Richard John Ian Tipper, Halas Abbey Lodge, 5407, (10th April 2022)

John Denton, Royal Standard Lodge, 498, (5th April 2022)

Kenneth David Dunham, Halesowen Lodge, 5635, (29th March 2022)

John Stephens, Lodge of St. Thomas, 7940, (28th March 2022)

Charles Morgan Gwynn, Lechmere Volunteer Lodge, 1874, (18th March 2022)

John Mitchell, Lodge of St. Oswald, 5094, (5th March 2022)

John Alan Brannigan, Francis Burgess Lodge, 9287, (2nd March 2022)

Robert Anthony Willcocks, Chaddesley Corbett Lodge, 8942, (27th February 2022)

Paul Kenneth Park, Royds Lodge, 1204, (23rd February 2022)

Arthur Harper, The Lodge of The Round Table, 7961, (15th February 2022)

David Arthur Morcom, Masefield Lodge, 2034, (14th February 2022)

Scott Alan McGann, Bon Accord Lodge, 4935, (30th January 2022)

David Anthony Dunn, Royal Standard Lodge, 498, (28th January 2022)

Patrick Andrew Ian Harper, Godson Lodge, 2385, (28th January 2022)

Louis Pocklington, Quarry Lodge, 7543, (27th January 2022)

Robin Arthur Oakes, Mitton Lodge, 6904, (26th January 2022)

Peter Walter Frederick Gayden, Dormer Lodge, 7294, (26th January 2022)

Trevor Frederick Wellings, Worcestershire Installed Masters Lodge, 6889, (16th January 2022)

Alan John Morris, Weatheroak Lodge, 7214, (16th January 2022)

Ian Douglas Napier, Dormer Lodge, 7294, (16th January 2022)

Peter Leslie Taylor, St George Lodge, 5691, (14th January 2022)

Roy John Bunn, Francis Burgess Lodge, 9287, (5th January 2022)

John Bernard Hardy, Elmley Castle Lodge, 6247, (2nd January 2022)

Keith James Parsons, Kings Norton Lodge, 4001, (8th December 2021)

Frank Aubrey Tarbuck, Unity Lodge, 5812, (30th December 2021)

Raymond Howard Golden, Weatheroak Lodge, 7214, (26th December 2021)

Ronald John Jones, Page Lodge, 3378, (30th December 2021)

David Bradnock, Worcestershire Installed Masters Lodge, 6889, (12th November 2021) 

Ronald Benjamin Dunn, Saint Nicholas Lodge, 4846 (11th November 2021)

Roger Donald Hendrick, Avon Lodge No 3569 (9th November 2021)

Ivor England, Desired Haven Lodge, 5948 (14th November 2021)

John Henry Stubbs, Remembrance Lodge, 8323 (26th October 2021)

Bryon Arthur Aston, Stability Lodge 564, (16th October 2021)

Anthony John Baker, Malvern Hills Lodge, 6896 (13th October 2021)

Robert Charles George, Old Carolian Lodge, 7599 (4th October 2021)

John Leslie Overton, LGR, Morgan Lodge, 9816 (2nd October 2021)

Raymond Stanley Pidcock, Permanent Way Lodge,  9951 (3rd September 2021)

Staphen Raguz, Wyche Lodge,  363 (25th July 2021)

Robert Randolph Major, Permanent Way Lodge 9951 (2nd July 2021)

John Andrew Gunton, Old Bromsgrovian Lodge 5743 (18th June 2021)

Richard Linton Preece, Old Bromsgrovian Lodge 5743 (9th June 2021)

Peter Beardsmore Ricketts, Hope and Charity 377 (12th May 2021)

Andrew Jonathan Hinton, Hope and Charity 377 (4th May 2021)

Iain Boyd Irvine Love, Teme Lodge 8491 (2nd May 2021)

Paul Frederick John Chiverton, Chaddesley Corbett Lodge 8942 (21st March 2021)

Michael Leonard Clements, Old Bromsgrovian Lodge 5742, (16th March 2021)

Eric Arthur Grant, Lickey Hills Lodge 5947 (3rd March 2021)

Francis Roy Gray, Page Lodge 3378 (1st March 2021)

Chris Firminger, Old Bromsgrovian Lodge 5743 (27th February 2021)

Michael Stanley Newall, Mitton Lodge No 6904 (23rd February 2021)

Ian White, Frankley St George Lodge 8212 (20th February 2021)

George James, Royds Lodge 1204 (14th February 2021)

Henry Douglas 'Clive' Lewis, Hagley and Hoy Wells 7932 (7th February 2021)

Royden Matthew Smith, Old Dudlean Lodge 6734 (5 February 2021)

Norman George Hill, Lodge of Bon Accord 4935 (5th February 2021)

George Frederick Lowther, Lodge of Fellowship 6707 (3rd February 2021)

Arthur Stephen Fleming, Nautical Services Lodge 5629 (26th January 2021)

Richard Anthony Pinnell, Dormer Lodge 7294 (22nd January 2021)

Gordon Jones, Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge 7932 (25 January 2021)

Alan Wright, Bordesley Abbey Lodge 4495 (25th January 2021)

Richard A Pinnell, Dormer Lodge 7924 (22 January 2021)
Anthony Arthur Steele, of Bordesley Abbey Lodge, No 4495 (10th January 2021)

Samuel B Breckenridge, Lodge of the Round Table 7961 (25th December 2020)

J Hackett, Minster Lodge 5581 (27 December 2020)

M J A Lomas, Lodge of Yardley 6324 (21 December 2020)

E G Bampton, Lodge of Hospitality 8325 (20 December 2020)

John S. Brown, Kings Heath Lodge, No 3863 (17th December 2021)

C S Swain, Northfield Lodge 5056 (9 December 2020)

T W Gray, Lodge of St. George 5691 (2 December 2020)

S M Reynolds, Chaddesley Corbett Lodge No. 8942 (29 November 2020)

W S Lees, Thistle Lodge 5064

J McGann, Severn Lodge 5583 (31st October 2020)

S G Johnson, Lodge of Bon Accord 4935 (25 September 2020)

F B Wells, Severn Lodge 5583 (21 September 2020)

R Bull, Lodge of Justice and Equity 8807 (15 September 2020)

L S Powell, Lodge No 7706 (10 September 2020)

A A MacLachlan, Thistle Lodge 5064 (1 September 2020)

C J Mosley Ribbesford Lodge 7696 (28 July 2020)

R Higgins, Chaddesley Corbett Lodge 8942 (18 July 2020)

C Upton, Brandwood Lodge 7679 (16 July 2020)

T L Johnson, Worcester Lodge 280 (5 July 2020)

M H R Cole, Forge Mill Lodge 9658 (2 July 2020)

W G Sheldon, Dewi Sant Lodge 9135 (26 June 2020)

M L Homer, Hope & Charity Lodge 377 (26 June 2020)

E J Morton Almacantar Lodge No 7023 (22 June 2020)

B J Bate Frankley Beeches Lodge No 5846 (22 June 2020)

S R Bennett Old Halesonian Lodge No 7104 (12 June 2020)

D H Emery, Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge No 7932 (2 June 2020)

S A West, Old Dudleian Lodge 6734 (2 June 2020)

J Battle-Welch, Bordesley Abbey Lodge 4475 (27 May 2020)

J E Gayton, The Lodge of St Michael No 1097 (10 May 2020)

W Munro, Thistle Lodge 5064 (6 May 2020)

F J Payne, Elmley Castle Lodge 9247 (24 April 2020)

G T Knowles, Severn Lodge 5583 (20 April 2020)

Dr C R Patrick, Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge 7932 (16 April 2020)

E E Evitts Godson Lodge No 2385 (15 April 2020)

S J Donnelly, Trinity Blakesley Lodge 8586 (14 April 2020)

R W Broomfield, Malvern Lodge 6896 (14 April 2020)

A J Mackintosh, St Mary's Lodge 3879 (7 April 2020)

G B Moore, Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge No 7932 (6 April 2020)

A T Holder Frankley Beeches Lodge No 5846 (28 March 2020)

F J Payne, Elmley Castle Lodge 6247 (26 March 2020)

A P Wilkes, St. Kenelm Lodge 6082 (25 March 2020)

F Bromley, Lodge of Credence 7155 (24 March 2020)

J C Freeborough, Coston & Franchelie Lodge 5600 (24 March 2020)

B J Nutt, Lodge of Perfection 8430 (15 March 2020)

G L Smith, Quarry Lodge 7543 (2 March 2020)

A P Wilkes, St Kenelms Lodge 6082 (26 February 2020)

D Amess, Hagley & Holy Wells Lodge No 7932 (19 February 2020)

G T J Burton, Desired Haven Lodge 5938 (11 February 2020)

C J B Broomfield, Old Bromsgrovian Lodge 5743 (1 February 2020)

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