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Be a Part of Something Big: Help Your Provincial Grand Master Raise Funds for a Worthy Cause

Time draws closer for us all to take part and support our Provincial Grand Master in what is going to be an amazing feat taking the lead of 4 ceremonies in one day.

The bookings have started coming in but please make sure that you get in before we get booked up as this is going to be a day to remember. Please remember that whilst this is going to be a full day you can book as little or as many parts of the day that you wish.

The breakdown of the day is as follows:

08.00 Breakfast Rolls, coffee or tea

09.00 Dofra Lodge Opens. 2nd Degree Ceremony of Passing

10.45 Lodge Calls Off - Coffee & Biscuits

11.00 Lodge Calls On. 1st Degree Ceremony of Initiation

12.30 Lodge Calls Off - Light Buffet Lunch

14.00 Lodge Calls On. 3rd Degree Ceremony of Raising

15.30 Lodge Calls Off - Tea & Cakes

16.30 Lodge Calls On - Installation Ceremony

18.30 Lodge Closes

19.00 Festive Board

20.30 Tyler's Toast

As a polite reminder EVERYONE MUST book in even if you only plan to come for the ceremonies, we need to ensure we stay within the correct capacity for the building.

Any issues with bookings or payments for any part of the day please contact

Please, remember that the PGM is doing this mammoth feat to raise money for the 2022 Festival and to donate please head to

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