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Congratulations to this months Lottery winners!

The draw last night resulted in the bonus ball number 39 being drawn, and we have the following winners on this extremely popular number.

K Byrne, Holmes Lodge 4656 C R Fisher, Lodge of St George 5691 J Mytton, Norhtfield Lodge 5056 T.Parkes, Forge Mill Lodge 9658 R.Quarterman, Vernon Lodge 560 R G D Showell, Fort Royal Lodge 4565 M W Statham, Sure & Steadfast Lodge 9365

We are delighted to be able to send the winners their cheques for £100, and look forward to seeing present and potential players at the Provincial Grand Lodge AGM on the 14th May. There is a draw for a prize hamper for any brother signing up for the lottery by the 14th, so don't forget your bank details for your standing order!

We are also pleased to announce that a cheque for the 2022 Festival will again be presented by our Chairman W.Bro. Derek Taylor to the Provincial Grand Master on behalf of all the brethren who support the Lottery.



Kerry J Parkes

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