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Glorious Happy Scenes at the Campbell Lodge 3643 Banner Dedication!

Glorious happy scenes at the Campbell Lodge banner dedication!

WM W.Bro Scott Jones, sends his heartfelt congratulations and sincere gratitude to all those who helped make the evening a tremendous success.

The February 19th 2024 meeting of the Campbell Lodge No. 3643 was a very special evening. The Brethren saw both a Banner Dedication and a Double Passing in one night!

It enthralled everyone present and showed Worcestershire Masonry at its very best.

The Provincial Grand Master R.W Bro Stephen J. Wyer assisted by the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters W.Bro Mike Dykes and W.Bro Paul Wong, along with the full Provincial Team spearheaded by the Provincial DC W.Bro Pete Broughton, conducted a wonderful ceremony to receive and rededicate the new Lodge Banner, which replaced the original banner that was showing its age having served the lodge admirably for the previous 111 years. A wonderful oration during the ceremony by the Provincial Grand Chaplain W. Bro Ian Strongman captured the beauty and essence of Campbells 111 year history.

Worshipful Master W.Bro Scott Jones then presided over the second formal part of the evening that of a double passing of two Fellow Crafts, brothers Arron Latif and Michael Sandland, including a lovely presentation of the extended second degree tools by Bro John Bayliss of Campbell 3643.

Both the Provincial Team and Campbell Team were splendid and both rituals were a true spectacle to behold, filling everyone with genuine joy and exaltation.

There then followed a lively and highly enjoyable festive board of 69 brethren.

The evening was further enhanced by a large contingent from Gloucestershire including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Provincial Grand Master (Designate) W.Bro Ian Davies. This was enjoyed by both provinces and will undoubtedly lead to many reciprocal visits going forwards, there are already plans being discussed about the possibility of having a joint ladies evening between the incoming master elect WM Bro. Mark Gibbs and W.Bro Matty Brown of Royal Lebanon lodge

A full write up by the Gloucestershire Province can be found here:

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