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Never a boar-ing event

With the usual hard work, planning and precision White Ensign Lodge "pulled" off another "crackling" event for the lodge and its guests.

Their kindness and hospitality was open for an amazing Hog Roast followed by one of the most generous raffles this editor has even been a part of. The land, gazebo and roast was put on by the Junior Warden of the Lodge.

The raffle raised an amazing £1,250 which was being split between two charities. One charity would be Masonic whilst the other portion raised was going towards The Clock Tower Foundation which is tied in with the Armed Forces which you would expect with White Ensign's strong Royal Navy and Royal Marines links and traditions. Along with some other monies in hand they were able to add to the second portion of the raffle monies to make it a round £1,000 donated to the 2022 Charity Funds.

Nowadays, they have members with links to all branches of the armed services, the Merchant Navy, the ‘Blue Light’ emergency services, and those who have served under the Crown in any capacity. You can learn more about White Ensign at their Charter Marked Website here:

Congratulations on a fantastic event

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