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Wearing Pink Instead of Masonic Aprons

Worcestershire’s Freemasons are ‘wearing it pink’ to support the nationwide campaign by Breast Cancer Now to raise money to support research during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On Friday 20th October, the Head of Worcestershire Freemasons, Stephen Wyer along with Provincial Charity Steward David Dey, and Provincial Almoner Bill Tucker, swopped their Masonic aprons to proudly ‘wear it pink’ and make a donation of £500.

Every 10 minutes someone hears the words ‘you have breast cancer’. That’s why Breast Cancer Now exists to work with the brightest minds in the research labs across the UK and Ireland, making life saving research happen. They are on a mission to make sure that by 2050 everyone diagnosed with breast cancer lives, and is supported to live well. By wearing it pink you help everyone get there.

In the UK, breast cancer is the most common cancer for females (30% of all new female cancer cases). In males in the UK, it is not among the 20 most common cancers (less than 1% of all new male cancer cases). Resulting in 99% of breast cancer case being female and only 1% are in males.

Worcestershire Freemasons have been impacted by breast cancer on many fronts and in many forms. They have seen and continue to support wives, partners, family and friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Hence its importance to Freemasons and ‘wear it pink’ being adopted and actively supported by the most senior Worcestershire Masons who urge everyone to ‘wear it pink’ on the 20th October.

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