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Worcestershire Trip to Quarterly Communications

A small group of Worcestershire Masons took the day trip down to the United Grand Lodge of England to visit the Quarterly Communications.

The Brethren that were dressed in Room 9 also had the chance to have a quick look in the next door Temple, Room 10 which is called the Indian Room.

The Master for the meeting was the Pro Grand Master - Peter Lowndes and we were treated to a talk given by Dr. David Staples and the Board of General Purposes in regards to using the newer modern technology such as the incoming Hermes system, but still needing to blend it in with our history and heritage.

They also announced the soon to be opening Lodge 10K which will be run by Younger Masons with the help of the experienced Past Master to guide them on their way, we look forward to hearing more about that.

The Province will put together a trip down to Quarterly Communications again and if enough people are interested a coach can be organised to travel together. This trip will be on Wednesday the 14th of September 2022.

Those that went had a throughly enjoyable time and look forward to the next trip down.

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