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The Lecture Competition Dates are Finalised!

Held during April, with the big presentation at the Installed Masters lodge meeting on the 13th of May.

The dates have been finalised as the following.

4th April, Lickey Hills Lodge meeting, Northfield Masonic Hall

18th April, Vernon Lodge Meetings, Stourport Masonic Hall

20th April, Wythall Lodge Meeting, Kings Heath Masonic Centre

Should you wish to attend Lickey Hills please contact:

Should you wish to attend Vernon Lodge please contact:

Should you wish to attend Wythall Lodge please contact:

We have 2 categories this year, before the chair and beyond the chair, so all you budding lecturers get your brains in gear and start on your paper that has a connection to Masonry. No more than 20 minutes will be allowed on the night but the paper may be longer as you could be booked by lodges to deliver your thoughts on Freemasonry.

Contact the Provincial Orator, Kerry Parkes on to register your interest and the title of your talk.

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