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Visiting United Grand Lodge of England for the Quarterly Communication


We are hoping this year to put together a delegation of Masons across the Province to visit UGLE at the 8th of December meeting of the Quarterly Communications.

It’s free to attend the meeting and is open to all Master Masons.

We’ll all make our own way to London and meet outside UGLE at 10:30.

We will need to be seated in the Grand Temple by 11.30.

Processions start at 11.45.

Meeting will be finished at approx. 1pm.

Lunch at a local pub then a tour around the Library and Museum.

All finished for 4.30.

If you want to join us, just click the link below and fill in the details.

Please do this ASAP as we need to book your tickets to gain entry.

This truly is a great day out, a great time to share with each other and also visit the greatest Masonic Hall in the country.

To allow time for the booking can you please add you name to list no later than Friday the 19th of November 18:00

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